Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nice digs and other crap...

Yesterday I was at my gramps' house, uh NEW, house for his 70th B-Day party. Which by-the-way turned out to be a mini Ruggiero family reunion, more on this later. This place is definitely better than that narrow place in Philly. The house has three safes in it. All of which are in the basement, Grams or Gramps had the combo to one of them. The other two are either in a wall covered by a really clever piece of wood or IN THE FUGGIN' FLOOR! I'm getting the one in the floor's combo from the manufacturer tomorrow. That one in the wall however, will take some time as the safe looks to me about, idunno, 'bout half a century old and will need a safe cracker to break that one open. About that mini-reunion, if you were in this place, you'd think you were in New York, I know, off topic. Anyway, this place kicks incomprehensible amounts of ass! This palace, compared to the old place, has a fireplace (cool we can now roast marshmallows inside.) These're the same people not less than two months ago were living in the 70's now have Vonage, Comcast HSI, and DIGITAL CABLE! I also got an X360 a while ago, then about four days ago, bought a hard drive for it. Now I can save my progress in games that I rent.


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