Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Does anyone care anymore?!

It seems that no-one cares about what what I have to say anymore. I was spread thin at work for a week and almost got terminated because some assholes decided to be either late or uncaring about what they had to do! One day, these fucking delivery guys stole an $800 LCD tv, the person that was supposed to come in for work at 9am, asshole shows up at 10:30. Real fucking fair. My manager told my sister that I was borderline fired, then the little bitch rats me out to my mother, My mother now keeps telling me to "step up," what the fuck does that mean. When ever I say I'm doing my job right, she keeps putting her hand up as if saying "whatever, don't want to hear it." That is starting to piss me off. My mother shouldn't be telling me how to do my job. That's my responsibility, NOT HERS. Also whenever she goes out with her friend Patty, it seems she gets slightly drunk and she forgets about everyone and wants to start arguments.
Not to mention repeating herself a million fucking times.


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