Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It has arrived!

Well, as some of you out there probably have heard of Leo Bodnar's USB mega-controller, I have ordered one and received it today. About 2-3 hours after opening the package in which it came(from the good ol' U.K.). The steps are as follows for the modification:
1.I took the USB connector off.
2. Put a 3.15 metre USB cable from a PS2(PlayStation 2) microkeyboard in its place after looping the line through the board as I did not have any stress relief.
3. Soldered it all together.
4. plugged it into a functioning PC.
5. Got it working on my first try.
Now that I saw that my OS(WinheXP) saw it I decided to take a dead servos power and data line to a scavenged PS2 analog stick it detected it right away.
Now all I have todo is to find a suitable case and layout for the buttons. Maybe a project enclosure from work... Come to think of it I can probably get rid of the top from it and use a sheet of perfboard as the control surface and cover at the same time... I don't know let me think about it, then I will release more details as work on the controller progresses. OH! I forgot to mention that any other projects have either been put on hold or cancelled so I can work on this controller.


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