Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I just read that Gadaffy's family is bringing a lawsuit against NATO. What in holy fuck do they expect? Sympathy? OK, how many people did he and his cronies kill? Thousands, tens of thousands? And his family wants compensation for HIS killings? I find this lawsuit completely irrational and without merit. When we the USA killed Osama, his family gave exactly less than a flying fuck about it. Actually, I think they didn't care at all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goodbye old friend...

I have made the decision to discontinue use of Winamp. It used to be be my goto media player for everything, but was starting to show its age. The module plug-in has been abandoned and left to rot while the MP3 and other "modern" plugins got top priority. My new media player has become XMPlay by un4seen Developments. XMPlay has, what my favorite other media player Cubic Player for DOS does, a MIDI soft-synth.

Friday, October 07, 2011

(Temporary) fix?!

I ordered an All to HDMI box to convert my video signals to, well, HDMI. For a few years I was using a VGA box to do the conversions. The VGA device gave good results but the video quality from 8-Bit game systems was really poor for my tastes. The HDMI box however, treats everything right. My Atari 2600's video is crisp with no sign of inter-layer fuzz. However, I also have an Intensity Shuttle which I still plan on using when I sort out all of my video signal woes. The Shuttle does not like 8- or certain 16-bit game systems. My theory is that the chroma subchannel in the video signals is dorking with the video processor. The work will be covered on my project site, so stay tuned.