Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vaya con dios, mi tio.

Shit, this absolutely sucks. My Uncle Robert committed suicide. He was found hanging in his apartment's garage. Not kidding. This guy had some problems; drugs, possibly alcohol, and most likely an undiagnosed mental illness. Now he can finally rest in the peace that he so badly needed. Now my family tree has shrunk immensely. I am under more pressure to have kids to keep my families up and running. I am the third youngest male on my father's side and the youngest on my mother's side. Looks like I've got to start looking for a mate soon. Also my Aunt Terry is going down the same path and I am justifiably concerned about my family's fate. I wonder everyday if my family will survive and lift the burden of continuing the blood line. My maternal uncle is dead of hepatitis. This shit has to stop, or I will suffer the same fate as my dead relatives. What scares me more, is my sister and mother are on the identical path. When will the deaths stop?! When?