Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It has arrived!

Well, as some of you out there probably have heard of Leo Bodnar's USB mega-controller, I have ordered one and received it today. About 2-3 hours after opening the package in which it came(from the good ol' U.K.). The steps are as follows for the modification:
1.I took the USB connector off.
2. Put a 3.15 metre USB cable from a PS2(PlayStation 2) microkeyboard in its place after looping the line through the board as I did not have any stress relief.
3. Soldered it all together.
4. plugged it into a functioning PC.
5. Got it working on my first try.
Now that I saw that my OS(WinheXP) saw it I decided to take a dead servos power and data line to a scavenged PS2 analog stick it detected it right away.
Now all I have todo is to find a suitable case and layout for the buttons. Maybe a project enclosure from work... Come to think of it I can probably get rid of the top from it and use a sheet of perfboard as the control surface and cover at the same time... I don't know let me think about it, then I will release more details as work on the controller progresses. OH! I forgot to mention that any other projects have either been put on hold or cancelled so I can work on this controller.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


...One step closer to my goal.
I just got a new GFX card for my Media Rig computer. It is a GeFORCE 4000-based card. Now I 128 MB of GFX RAM instead of a candy-ass 5.5 Megg piece-of-shit on-board grafix adapter. I can play pretty much any game i want... Except games that require a P4 or better. Like I'll be playing Warcraft. NOT!!! If you ever see me play that game call someone. NO, better yet smack, NO, SLAM my head with a cast-iron skillet that outdoorsy people use. THAT will knock me back into reality. Now my hardware is as follows:
128 MB of GFX RAM
VTB Multimedia Santa Cruz APC(Audio Processor Card)
Samsung CDRW
5 port usb card (ran out of ports)
Linksys LNE100 Ethernet
2 Hard drives
3.5" 1.44 MB floppy

Friday, May 26, 2006

My first post...

...yahoo, right?
As soon as I get a hang for this whole blogging thing down, I'll keep posting on a near-daily basis.
But, about myself I am a 19 yr old HS grad with almost an EE degree, that's Electrical Engineering to you lay people out there. I like to build esoteric circuits for unknown reasons, even if I don't know what I'm getting myself into. I'm also, what I'd like call myself, a technology collector. Being an electronics nut, I disassemble not rip apart devices to see what makes them "tick". Disassebly is where you take something apart so later on it can be reassembled. Ripping apart is merciless destruction of unknown magnitude on the unsuspecting victim... wait, did I say "victim," I'm sorry, device. And finally I am a game system modder, making foreign games work on US consoles and vice-versa.